I met a nymph.

Well, she called herself a “certified nymphomaniac.” I believe she is. She told me about some of her numerous exploits going all the way back to when she was a teenager. I told her my story (about growing up a strict christian). “I feel so bad for you!” she said.

I feel bad for me too, but at least I’m making up for lost time.

I met her online. When I first read her profile, all I could think about was proper upstanding British ladies– a bit prudish. “It’ll take forever to bed this one, I thought.” Wrong, was I.

At one point she messaged me, “Ahem, I really like sex too… we could go out, or you could just start sticking your body parts into mine.” Guess what I chose.

I showed up at the appointed time. I poured us some wine. We had a little chit chat in the kitchen. “Would you give me a tour of the place?” I asked. She showed me her room first. I set my glass on her dresser. I didn’t pick it up again for a long time.

“You’re so attractive!” She unbuttoned my shirt. “By the way, I like it rough,” she said. “I like it if you grab me around the neck. If I get a little scared, I’ll probably orgasm.” She smiled. I smiled. We went at it, stripping each other, grasping, sucking, kissing. She pulled my pants off and immediately started stroking my cock. “Oh, such a nice cock. I’m so excited!” She took it in her mouth so incredibly far I felt I bumped up against her brain.

The fucking just wouldn’t stop. We went on and on for two hours. I tossed her little body all over that bed. Moving, thrusting, dancing all over each other’s naked body. I went at her from every direction, pressing down hard; deeper and deeper. On top, on bottom, from behind, the scissors, the “splitting bamboo.” At one point she was flat on her stomach. I had her neck and hair in my right hand while my left was on her left arm. Her eyes were closed with an almost painful expression on her face. Her mouth was open. She made lots of noise. I looked down at the sweaty muscles of her supple ass as I thrust into her again and again. I will not soon forget that moment.

Three firsts for me:

  • but plug : She had to take it out after five minutes. “You’re rough!”, she said.
  • animal tail : ’nuff said
  • anal : Indeed, my first time with anal sex. She had even done an enema beforehand, which was really thoughtful and kind of her. Anal is something I wasn’t sure I’d ever do, but it felt right in the moment, and I’m all about going with the moment. I needed LOTS of lube!

    At then end, when I finally came, I was getting hungry because I had expended so much energy. I emptied myself into the condom. I pulled it out carefully (I’m always careful and safe). “Give it to me,” she said. I handed it to her. She took it up to her lips, then with two fingers squeezed it from the end (like a toothpaste tube), pushing all my semen right up into her mouth. She licked her lips, smiled again, and put the condom aside. “Gosh,” I thought, “I’ve never seen someone do that before.”

    We took a shower, had a snack, and then some pillow talk about smartphone apps and websites. I started to get hard again. I was ready for round two! She was ready for sleep. We kept talking.

    “I’m taking a hiatus from porn,” she said.

    I found this strange for someone like us. “A hiatus from watching porn?”

    “No, from acting in it.”

    This was another first for me! I had just engaged in flagrante delicto with a former camgirl (not the same as a porn actress). As if I hadn’t been lucky enough already, she then said, “They offered to pay me, but I wanted to do it for free.” OMFG! This woman loves sex as much as I do! (almost… I wanted to do it again that night, and again in the morning. Sleeping naked next to her tight sexy frame was torture!)

    I’m glad there are people like her in the world.