I am born for the swinging lifestyle, but I live in central Maine.

I dream of sex with multiple partners, but I live in the middle of conservativeland.

I am in an open marriage, but my wife doesn’t want to go to swingers parties.

I look up swingers parties, but they don’t take single men.

It’s like there’s a magic word you have to know to get into the swinging lifestyle, and I don’t know it. Open Sesame?

There are so many people out there fucking each others’ brains out, while I sit at home (I have sex often with my wife, but it’s not the same).

I feel left out.

In Boston there are sex parties. Why not in Bangor, Maine?

If only …

I want to start a sex party here in central Maine.

I can’t do it alone. Obviously.

If you are interested, email me. There will be screening. All sex will be safe. and anonymous, in a nice hotel suite.

Seriously, contact me: pothoszephyrus@gmail.com

A proper gender ratio will be maintained.