I’m still a newbie at the game. I sometimes openly tell women that I’m in an open relationship. That hasn’t succeeded yet.

I also tried craigslist a couple times. In my state (Maine), there’s almost nothing in the “W4M” casual encounters section. So many women are looking for stable relationships. Is there anyone else like me out there in the world?!? (opposite gender, please). What’s really sad is that there’s literally nothing in the WW4M section!

The two times I’ve posted something there I’ve gotten a number of responses. EVERY one of those eventually led to a website that asked for my “information.” Homey don’t play that credit card shit.

I just want to connect with real humans. There MUST be women out there who long to touch and be touched, held, grasped. There must be women who want it hard deep and slow, and want someone to savor them slowly like a spoonful of chocolate ice cream on the effervescent lips of a fleeting, ever so fleeting instant that lives forever in my grandiose memory. It lives so long it begins a life of it’s own. That memory takes over whole sections of my neocortex, setting up shop and offering comprehensive consulting services to the amygdala, the temporal lobes, and even attempts a hostile takeover of the hippocampus.

Ah the memories we could make!