This week General Petraeus stepped down from his post as CIA chief because of an affair.  What?  Was it with a subordinate?  no.

Why do we care?

I submit that we should not.

When everybody crucified Clinton because of fallacio, all I could think was, “What bearing does this actually have on his job performance?”  Later, Bush (who didn’t poke interns) ruined the country, the world economy, and gave us two stupid wars and thousands killed.  His actions killed more than UBL.

We expect men to be manly, yet we punish them when their manly drive shows.  We tell CIA agents to be risk-takers, yet we fire them when they take insignificant risks.  Our culture is ironic.

I, for one, aim to be unapologetic.  I am married, and I look forward to many trysts with many women.  My integrity is intact because I do this with my wife’s full knowledge (and she does it too 🙂

Life is meant to be lived.  There is no heaven or hell.  Get over it, religious people.  You’re keepin’ it in your pants for nothing!