If the world goes to shit, there’s really only one thing worth doing, and it’s sex. We see it in all the movies. Whether it’s The Walking Dead, or Spies Like Us, if the world’s about to end, the only logical thing to do is each other.

Why is it that imminent doom focuses our minds on what’s really important? Who knows. After years of deep reflection I keep coming back to the same conclusion. Everything that kept me from sex in the past (religious belief, perceived social cost), was almost totally meaningless. I had merely missed out. There was no higher purpose. I was bamboozled out of many of the best fucking years of my life and nobody even gained at my expense! It wasn’t win/win, or even win/lose, it was lose/lose!

People need to be having a lot more sex — with each other! Jealousy has held back world peace. If we all got on with each other more, we’d get along with each other better as well….