ME: 8:21 PM: Lets meet at same place. Ten min?

ME: 8:31 PM: About to rain. Borrow umbrella

ME: 8:37 PM: I have umbrella we can share

SHE: 9:00: Ten min?

I had no idea how it would feel. Would she still be in to me? Was she feeling scared? excited? bored? She texted me that she was sitting at the nearby bus stop. When I got there I found her in a raincoat. She smiled, but not the biggest smile. I led her across the street so we could take a different bus.

“I got advice on where to go tonight. It’s the area with bars and restaurants, might be music or dancing,” I said.

“I don’t really care as long as we’re together,” she said. We walked across the street, our hands accidentally finding their way to each others’ back. We were young lovers. We felt young. I’m almost forty, and I think she is too. She might even have been older than me. I only know that we both felt young that night.

We made our way to the area south of us. We wanted a cab, but took the bus instead. We weren’t in Pittsburgh proper. These were nice safe neighborhoods. We got off in the area I had heard about and walked around for a while just holding hands and talking. We had physical chemistry, but it was not a meeting of the minds. We’re both clearly intelligent but we aren’t on the same path. We have no history or shared world view. I had no illusion that this would become anything more than a short affair.

We found a classy restaurant and sat at the bar for a glass of wine. We had enough to talk about, but not a whole lot to spare. I stroked her forearm sometimes as we were talking. Every time I touched her I could tell that she felt the same energy as the day before. I wasn’t sure yet if I felt it too. I wanted to find out, though.

“Are you hungry?” I said. She said no. “You know what I want to get on the way home?” I asked. “Ice cream and chocolate sauce.” I swear she blushed, but I couldn’t see it.

When we had had enough waiting, I paid for our drinks and we left. I called a cab and we found secluded spot to wait. We sat down on some benches with a nice view. We started to make out. I pushed my hand up her skirt. Grabbing her thigh with my right hand, and her neck with my left, I pressed my lips firmly against hers. “I never wanted a cab to come so quickly before,” I said.

Eventually the cab came. We started going at it again in the car. We got dropped off at the grocery store near my place. “I can’t believe we’re doing this,” she said. “Buying ice cream and chocolate sauce, I feel like the whole world knows what we’re about to do.”

“You mean, that we’re going to put it on our bodies?” I said.

“Stop it!” she said. She actually felt embarrassed. I don’t think anybody noticed us or gave us a second glance. If we were doing this in her country, though, it would certainly turn heads. I think her society is more homogeneous. If she were seen walking down the street with me (a westerner) in her own country, she might get scowls from passersby or something. I dont’ know.

In the produce section she spotted cherries. “A bunch this size would cost $25 in my country,” she said.

“Let’s get ’em,” I said. I put them in the cart. Then we picked up ice cream and chocolate sauce.

I opened the door to my place and watched her skirted legs as she walked gracefully up the stairs. Her legs were so nice. In the kitchen I put some ice cream into cups, got spoons, and brought the sauce to the bedroom. I put the laptop on a desk so I could play music — had a ‘Sexy’ playlist all set to go on iTunes.

We had a little ice cream and looked at each other while we ate. She got a little closer. “Let me teach you something about my culture,” she said. She took a spoonful of ice cream and put it in my mouth. “This kind of thing shows that we care for each other,” she said. I gave her some of my ice cream too. Ice cream is so sensual sweet and smooth. Ooooh. Tension was building. She turned slowly around.

Slow R&B music. She started to dance. I started to dance with her. I wanted to be close but I also wanted to see her, to look at her whole body at once. What a beautiful body. She started to unbutton her shirt. I finished it for her.

Her lingerie was light blue. Just a little more vibrant than sky blue. She slowly danced off her clothes. I took all mine off as I watched her dance. We danced for a while like this. Sexy music. Me naked. Her wearing that gorgeous blue lingerie. I just had to kneel down and grab her legs and watch as I pulled down her panties. She stopped me, “Not yet.”

She took her top off first. Then slowly took off her panties. I was already naked. I picked her up and kissed her and brought her to the bed. We really went at it. I think we made love for two hours straight. It seems like it must have been more because I think we finished sometime after midnight.

We sat there naked for a while, just talking and touching each other. She put her panties on soon after sex. I asked her why. “I’m embarrassed,” she said. What? How can someone become embarrassed about their body parts after having spent several hours together naked? I just don’t get it. You’ll see it in the movies sometimes, in the morning the girl uses the sheet to cover herself. I never believed that people acted like that until now.

Another thing I’ve seen in the movies: one of the couple leaves after sex. It seems to be the rule of the booty call. No sleepovers. I didn’t know this. I guess it kinda makes sense. Sleeping next to someone requires more trust than sex.

SHE: 2:25 AM: Home safe. I can still smell you…

ME: 2:27 AM: I found one of your hairs