I was attending the same conference as my slender Asian, so I was sure to see her the next day. It would be messy for us to be seen as a couple, so we decided to keep our distance the next day. We both knew it was just a fling. Several others knew that I was married, and she had a reputation to protect.

This particular day had a number of events I had to be at. I got into some interesting conversations with some very smart people — a great day overall. I kept my eye out for the slender asian, but didn’t see her much. We communicated that day by text.

ME: 9:05 AM: Did you get home safely?

ME: 9:39 AM: Last night was fucking awesome.

SHE: 9:42 AM: It was UNREAL last nite.

ME: 9:43 AM: Indeed

I was really glad to know she arrived OK. I had looked for her in the crowd earlier that morning, and didn’t see her when I knew I should have. She apparently thought she could sleep in that morning.

I went to one of the main cafeterias for a late breakfast. As I was getting silverware I saw a flutter of black hair in my peripheral vision. It was her. She was coming to breakfast but had instinctually swung around upon seeing me. Surprised at having turned around so quickly she turned to look at me. I gave her a glance and looked away. She slowly came back over. I lingered by the silverware. “I reacted so quickly,” she said. “Hey, how are you?” I said. We didn’t even look at each other directly. We were surrounded by people we knew. It felt like one of those secret office romances you see in the movies. I left to go find a table. I made sure to accidentally rub my arm up against her as I walked away.

ME: 10:09 AM: Good news. When I saw L this morning I could tell she heard nothing last night.

SHE: 11:05 AM: Good. I scream. tried hard not to last nite.

ME: 11:06 AM: I loved your screams

ME: 2:15 PM: Thinking about you

SHE: 2:18 PM: Thinking about you more.

ME: 5:17 PM: Going to that talk at 7. Not sure what people are doing after. At some point id like to slip away with you. Discreetly.

ME: 5:25 PM: I must attend the whole talk. Will text when it ends. Wanna go dancing? Or just be together…?

SHE: 5:28 PM: Together with wine. Cant wait to have you.

ME: 5:29 PM: Yes. Text you later

SHE: 5:41 PM: bar with cool music. But won’t be picky later. just some horizontal space. or even vertical 🙂

ME: 5:45 PM: I want to start vertical

SHE: 5:48 PM: Your text got me soft….

I looked forward to what the night might bring.