I can’t say it better than Dexter, “Tonight’s the night…” When I woke up that morning I never knew that tonight really would be the night. Oh my fucking god. Tonight was the night.

I went to an event this morning (the reason I’m in Pittsburgh). That’s where I first saw her. Tall thin asian woman about my age (but it’s hard to tell). I’m in my late thirties. The previous day I had been looking at some other girls, but she was different. Definitely a woman. Not a girl. I wanted to make love to a woman. Someone mature. Someone who understood sex and intimacy. Someone who wanted it.

She was also different in the energy I got from her. I noticed something in her eyes when I glanced at her. Maybe they looked away when I looked at her, or maybe they looked down when she knew I was looking at her. I don’t know what it was, but I felt in my gut that she might be down for a little somethin’ somethin’.

The slender asian noticed that I noticed her. At first when I was talking to others I would make a point to include her in the conversation. We started talking directly to each other. We hit it off nicely. She’s intelligent and well traveled. She’s been all over the world including some rather dangerous trips which she took alone. Oh my. This woman was impressive and brave.

The more I got to know her, the more I realized that she reminded me of Michelle Yeoh. Fierce intelligent wise feminine sexy strong independent. I was hanging out with a lioness. That’s the kind of woman I like.

We were with a crowd of other people, and we both had some responsibilities at the event, so we saw each other intermittently during the day and had brief conversations. Each time I just happened to look her in the eyes when she was doing the same it was like taking a hit off of something. The attraction is physical. I’m not looking to fall in love with her, but the physical attraction isn’t just about a body and a face. It’s about intelligence and spirit — what I see in her eyes and hear in her voice, and don’t forget skin. There were a couple of moments when our bare arms just happened to touch — pure electricity.

Late in the morning a bunch of us went shopping together. At one point it turned out that I happened to strolling through an outdoor mall with the slender asian and two other pretty ladies who were also attending the event. I don’t remember who, but one of them mentioned Victoria’s Secret. Pretty soon I was walking into Vicky’s Secret with three beautiful women. LIfe is good. I was having such a good time that I texted my wife about it. She sent back a smile.

While in the store the three women were smiling at me, somewhat nervously. One of them asked if I was embarrassed to be there. I felt anything but embarrassment. I smiled back. The slender asian walked near me a couple of times, saying this or that. I pointed out that I really like the way some panties scrunch up in the back. I said this as I leaned over and touched one of the panties I had just described. “You are a naughty boy,” she said. I smiled again.

At this point I was definitely feeling energy from her. I could tell she was more mature than the others — more confident and better acquainted with her sexual nature. She wasn’t going to get all nervous and scared and not want to do it. I could tell that if, by some crazy chance, we ended up in bed together, she would be a passionate lioness.

After Victoria’s Secret I sat down to have coffee with the three ladies at a Starbucks. The slender asian asked me about my tattoo (I have a tattoo which indicates I’m already with someone. She asked, “Are you married?” I told her I am. We talked a little about tattoos and rings and things. The instant I said I was married I saw her sit back a little farther in her seat. I felt her draw away. I wanted to tell her my situation, but I had no idea how to broach it.

As with many things, the best way to say something is just to say it. The whole group convened at a large restaurant. The two of us were loitering in the lobby. I got close and I quietly said to her, “You noticed I’m married. I’m actually in an open relationship.” She gave a strange look. A feeling of closeness started to come back.

“What do you mean, open?” she asked. “Sexually?” I nodded. “Like, how much? all the way?” I told her yes. All the way. She nodded understandingly and looked down. After each clarification she would move away a little, and then come closer again. Every now and then our arms would accidentally touch. Each touch was electric. Oh my god.

We sat next to each other at lunch as if nothing strange had happened. We were just two random people in Pittsburgh for an event. Nothing weird, and that was the weirdest part. She didn’t look at me strange, or even treat me differently. We randomly talked with each other and with the others. I’m sure nobody noticed what was going on with us, except perhaps this one girl that I think had a thing for me. She kept wanting to be helpful by offering suggestions. She kept trying to talk with me. I found it difficult to mack on the slender asian while this other girl kept vying for my attention. It was annoying. We did get to talk here and there, though. She was very curious about how we became open and how on earth that was going to work.

At the end of the day, around 7, we saw each other again. I had directions back to campus so I had set it up that I’d meet her group and help them get back. On the bus we sat next to each other. The conversation was passable. The excitement about what might happen tonight was palpable. “Do you have any responsibilities you need to take care of this evening?” I asked.

“Yes, a few. I’ll be done about 9,” she said.

“Let’s meet at that statue we saw,” I said.

“OK,” she nodded subtley and smiled a little. We were going to meet up in secret. Some of my friends there knew I was married and I didn’t want to have to explain myself to them. Also, she had obligations at this event and wasn’t supposed to be philandering around. We had a date.

I had a date and I had a plan. If things went well, I would bring her to where I was staying. I had my own place for the week, which was wonderful, but it was a bit far from the campus, and it was on the floor above someone else at the conference (Let’s call her L). I didn’t have time to get there and back in order to change and drop of some stuff I had brought with me for the day. I didn’t want to drag my bag around with me all night, so I had to do something. I wasn’t staying on campus, but no worries. I had brought a change of clothes in the bag. I found a friend (let’s call her H) to let me in to the dorm so I could change. H asked what I was doing that night. “Meeting up with a friend who’s local,” I said. “Who?” she asked. “Just a friend who’s local.” She pushed a little further, but I didn’t give any more information. I think H saw my coyness as a cover-up of some kind. We had talked a bit the day before and she’s a little flirty and highly perceptive and intelligent. H knew I was up to something and she was curious. I think she liked me, but I know she already has a boyfriend.

Next I wanted to drop off my bag with someone, so I called my trusted friend B (He was another friend. I’m using letters to keep this anonymous). B was cool and didn’t ask me a single question. I like that. I was now dressed right for the night. I had a little cologne, a couple condoms, my dancing shoes. I was ready for what may come.

When I arrived at the statue, I just sat there and absorbed the reality of the situation. Not only was I about to go on a date with someone who wasn’t my wife, I was hoping to sleep with that person. I was open to anything. I was excited. I found some steps to sit on. I sat slightly askew, Kirk-style, and waited. We sent a couple texts to each other.

SHE: 9:10 PM: Ten min?

ME: 9:12 PM: Great

When I saw her I had no idea what to think. She looked great, but I didn’t really know what she thought of me. Was she just humoring me? Would she come home with me that night? She was wearing a jean skirt, and a white shirt. I stood up. As soon as we were close she stuck her arm around my side and I felt her melt a little. We both smiled. I felt giddy and jumpy. I wanted to kiss her right there, but we were still too close to campus. She wasn’t just humoring me. She really wanted to be there, but I got the feeling that she was conflicted.

A short walk away we found the perfect little Italian restaurant. They had already closed the kitchen. We kept walking. Eventually we found Joe Mama’s, which I think also was italian, but not as uppity. I ordered some hors d’oerves, and a bottle of Italian wine, a red blend. The wine was amazing. The food was good. Everybody was looking at us. It reminded me of a couple I had observed years ago when I was a server at a nice restaurant in Boston. An attractive couple in their forties was downing bottle after bottle of champagne and laughing together at a small table. I still remember what the wait staff all thought, “Those two are gonna go home and fuck each other’s brains out.” Tonight we were that couple.

We talked about our thoughts, philosophy, religion, family, work, and more. It was deep. She was intelligent and thoughtful. She isn’t flippant. She is a substantial woman. Then I said, “I want you to come home with me.” She nodded okay and smiled a little.

I called a cab and we finished the wine. I’ve never wanted a cab so quickly before. I just wanted to get her home and take her clothes off. We jumped in the cab and immediately started going at each other: kissing and touching. “Fuuuuck,” she said real slow. It felt like a dream — unreal. Out of the cab we stole silently upstairs. I locked the door behind us and she unbuttoned her shirt a little. I grabbed her and kissed her hard. She took off her skirt and her shirt. She had on some gorgeous orange lingerie. They looked like Victoria’s Secret. I couldn’t keep my hands off her.

The clothes slowly all came off. Once she saw me naked she said, “I knew you had something special down there.” She kept talking about how big I was. I had no idea. Since she was only the second woman I’ve ever been with I was surprised to hear everything she said. We made love for about two hours straight. It was unreal. “You are splitting me,” she said. Oh my god her legs were so nice.

Her asian skin was incredibly smooth. She told me that she never had to shave. It was genetic. Her legs were superbly smooth. In between them was just a little bit of hair. Just the right amount. I can still see it in my mind. It was so beautiful.

Afterwards we talked a little, but not much. It was sweet, though. By that time it was 1:30 and she needed to get back.
We could do this again tomorrow,” I said. “I’ll text you,” she said. I called her a cab and we got dressed. Waiting on a stoop together outside we talked about how unpredictable life can be. When she came to Pittsburgh she had no plans for romance. “I could never have predicted that I woud have done this with you and then be sitting on this stoop at 2AM,” she said. The taxi arrived. She left.