My wife and I have ground rules for our little escapades. These rules are meant to keep our current life intact. Life is so good for us here at home we want to protect it.

Rule #1: We only sleep with people outside our social circle. This implies that they must be far from where we live. We do live near a city, but it’s such a small city. Things get around. Our social circle pretty much includes the city, at least by extension. You’ve got to drive at least a couple hours away. We only sleep with people outside the range.

Rule #2: Refer to lovers by the name of the city where they live. This way we can talk about our experiences without making it personal.

I’m not going to say the city or even the state where we live, but I will post the cities to which I travel. At times I may post my travel plans ahead of time. My hope is that some sexy lady will reach out to me. I am a very good lover. I you want some lovin’ feel free to send me an email.