I was traveling in Pittsburgh, well outside of our home radius. Game on!

I started a conversation with a girl taking the same bus as me the first day I was here. I first noticed her because her perky breasts stuck out from her gray sweater. Then I noticed her eyes. Vivacious energetic eyes. I first asked her something about directions, and then sat next to her on the bus. We talked about urban gardening. I’ve got a garden so we had some things to talk about: kale, tomatoes, etc. Turns out, she has a boyfriend.

Earlier today I was walking around just looking at the city. I was actually looking for a place to buy shoes, so I kept that in my mind as a conversation starter. I saw a lady in her thirties, very pretty, and I asked her if she knew where I could find a shoe store. We chatted for a couple minutes and I asked her if I could take her out for some coffee. She had a boyfriend.

I guess it makes sense that pretty girls have boyfriends. I don’t think it’s just a line. I know some women find me attractive, but I can’t fool around near home. My relationship is only open when I’m out of town. That way, the wife doesn’t want to have to wonder which of her friends I’ve been boinking. Understandable.