Is LOVE out of the question?

Once my wife decided she wanted to go back to monogamy, and I realized I didn’t, I was almost immediately on my own.  It was no longer a matter of “Have AND eat cake.”  In some sense, I was only eating cake.

Eaten lot of cake have I.  And cookie, for that matter…

My ex was my source of love.  Others were just sex and fun.  What’s a man to do?  a man like myself.  I have discovered that I am not at all happy in monogamy, and I am not a dog.  Just sex isn’t going to cut it for me.  I need more.  I want a life of deeper meaning.  I want richer experiences.

I guess you have to consider where you look for love.  So many do it in all the wrong places.  On one particular day, I was on AdultFriendFinder, certainly one of the internet’s skankier corners.  Definitely the WRONG place to look for love.

Like most guys on there, I sent messages to everything with a vagina that seemed possibly cute.  Very little coming back.  I started to switch it up a little.  I sent messages that were a little more snarky, creative, and unique.  Someone responded.  I’ll call her L.

L wasn’t the only person I ended up meeting from that site, but she is the only one I will never forget.

When she first responded, she said, “Aren’t you interesting!”  She told me about her cultural heritage, a culture I knew something about, to her surprise.  I shared more.  She shared more.  Very quickly we were sending pictures to each other– not the naked kind, the kind you might find on facebook.  We even shared our real names and contact info.

This didn’t feel like eros.  I felt like hugging her.  Something was starting.